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Shoe Series...



Shoe series

Photographic Exhibition by Justine Flynn

Korova Arts Cafe & Bar, Preston


On the flip side of lost this exhibition addresses the found and in this instance, found shoes! Ever since mobile phones became cameras, the artist has photographed hundreds of found shoes lying in grass verges, canals and often more unusual places. How did they get there? An aid to mobility taken with a mobile phone!


Shoes have featured in many historical superstitions and have been known to be a sign of good fortune and fertility, they retain the essence of the wearer in shape and form and have been found concealed in the walls and foundations of houses, up chimneys and in dry stone walls.


To accompany the photographs are sound bites of shoe stories by the artist’s friends and family. Some offer historical extracts of times past, some sad memories and some positively hilarious. So… place the head phones on, press play

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