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ImponderableSound Five: Lament of the Lost


We have all lost somet point or another in our lives be it an object, a biological function or a person. Usually the thing that is lost is irretrievable and the loss is beyond our control. Time passes and what has passed is past and remains in suspended animation - now only a memory or an emotion that we are forced to take forward into the future. It shapes and changes us when on occasion we are not ready to be shaped or changed. Time continues to sprint at its own pace and leaves you still as it moves on and drags your weary mind and body behind it.  Lost time.  Acceptance is our only protection.

The performance paints an image of lost time with four generations from the maternal side of the artists family, each suspended in their own moment with their own thoughts as the bass frequencies of the sound track envelops and draws together both audience and performers in a sense of unity and perceived understanding. 


The Bass Ensemble

Justine Flynn - Composer/artist/performer

Dan Wilkinson - Music Producer/composer

Mia Caitlin Pollitt-Flynn - Performer

Patricia Ann Flynn - Performer

Roxanne Eloise Flynn - Performer/costume design



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